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Residential Land Development

We purchase land for residential development anywhere from 10 acres and up.  We can pay competitive prices for land depending on the area and market conditions.  When developing land there are many factors that determine your price per acre such as engineering work to best utilize your land to the fullest, soil work to determine areas that will or will not perk, county approval and DOT approval for driveway access as well as surveying the property.  All of these things are crucial in determining if your property is suitable for development.

From start to finish this could take from 4-6 months before we could possibly purchase the land and start the development.  There are a several different ways that we can do this, the 1st is that we buy the land out right and you have you money and you are no longer involved in the project.

The 2nd option is you're involved by putting up the land and I put up the development cost and we do this together on a percentage basis.  Percentages can be determined once all of the development costs listed above is complete.

3rd option would be that you furnish land and development costs and we will develop it for you for a percentage.  We can sit down with you and determine which option better fits your financial needs.


Residential Lots for Sale

*Owner Financing Available*

We also develop and sell lots for double wide and modular homes as well as lots for stick built homes.  One great thing we have to offer is on double wide and modular lots we offer owner financing with as little as $500.00 down and payments as low as $350.00 per month.

This is a great option for 1st time buyers to easily obtain a lot and make payments to work towards paying the lot off and putting your lot up for collateral to purchase your double wide/modular.

Once this is done the lot serves as your down payment and you are ready to move forward as a new homeowner.

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