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At East Coast Timberland we take the time to understand your needs and determine how to create mutually beneficial agreements between you and the buyer to achieve optimal contracts quickly and profitably. We understand the taxes & laws associated with selling Timber in NC & VA, and we’ve developed a method to minimize your tax liability and save you money! No matter what the problem, East Coast Timberland has a solution.

Our family has been in the logging and timber business for over 30 years serving all of North Carolina and Virginia. Having worked this region for decades, our knowledge of the logging industry, timber products, the industry language, various grades and market values… along with established buyer relationships… are a tremendous asset to our clients.

An experienced professional timber broker, like Tim Matthews, can ensure that the land and forest remaining after the harvest occurs is clean cut, visually appealing and productive for future use if needed. In fact, East Coast Timberland can help arrange the reforestation process once the Timber has been harvested.

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